Photo Exhibition: Celebrating 75 years of the United Nations ‎

To commemorate 75 years of the United Nations, join us as we look back at our journey and reflect on our work in Pakistan.

As we celebrate 75 years of the United Nations (UN), we reflect on our journey throughout the years. Formed on the principles of freedom, justice and dignity, the UN globally has strived to uphold the fundamental human rights of all people. 75 years marks a historic achievement for the UN community as well as all member nations highlighting UN’s continued commitment to universal social progress. During this time, the UN has maintained international peace and security, protected human rights, delivered humanitarian aid, promoted sustainable development and upheld international laws.

The UN’s contribution to Pakistan has been vital. UN’s guiding principles for development in Pakistan are based on inclusivity, resilience and sustainability.  Some of our achievements over the past decades include peace building and humanitarian work for disaster affected areas, implementation of human rights safeguards and promotion of gender equality. To alleviate the suffering of the most vulnerable communities, social protections have been implemented from the grass roots to the policy level. Structural reforms and capacity-building have been a driving force for sustainable development, economic growth and governance. The UN’s commitment to the people of Pakistan is represented through continuing efforts to support and improve the lives of marginalized groups and building self-reliant, resilient communities.

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